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Peoria High School Marching Band

Chick-fil-A - Come support the Panther Pride Marching Band at the Chick-fil-A at 83rd Ave. south of Bell Rd. Present flyer. Saturday, September 27th all day long.

We need your help.  Please donate a case of water to the Panther Pride.  Bring it by the Band Room in the mornings when you are dropping your Student off for school.  Bring it by the Band Room on Friday before or after the Game.  Bring it by the Band Room on Mondays during rehearsal or Tuesdays during drum line rehearsal.  Just please bring a case to the Band Room as soon as you can.  Help us build our wall of water so we can keep our Panther Pride hydrated throughout the school year.

Panther Pride & Instrumental Music Department Fall 2014 Schedule

Welcome Letter from Chris Pierson, Director of Instrumental Music

Community Rewards Program - August 1st is the date you may begin enrolling in the 2014-2015 Fry's Community Rewards Program.

How to Re-Enroll for the Fry's Community Rewards Program
* Go to https://www.frysfood.com/topic/community?activePage=community-rewards-2. Scroll to the Fry's Community Rewards Program section. Click 'Learn More.'
*Choose the option which best suits you (create an online Fry's account; or Enroll Now if you already have an online Fry's account)
*Then enter the requested information (again, creating an account; or entering in your emails address and password)
*Select 'Sign-In'.
* Enter the Panther Band Booster's Organization Number: #80050 and click search
*Under Select Your Organization: Select box next to Panther Band Booster Club.
*Then click 'Enroll."
*If you have registered correctly, you should now see your organization information listed under 'Community Rewards' on your Account Summary page.
***Remember, you must re-enroll to support the Panther Band Boosters.**** You can also take the Organization Number to the Customer Service Desk of any Fry's and present it with your VIP card and they will enroll you.

Help support the Panther Pride
Help raise money for Band Camp.  Go to the following site and donate what you can.  http://www.gofundme.com/PHSPantherPride  Don't forget to tell your friends.

To pay any band related fees (i.e. t-shirts, gloves, shoes, etc...) or to make a donation to the band with your credit card, please click on the secured Donate link below.

Calendar Legend:
(PP) - Panther Pride
(CB) - Concert Band
(PJ) - Panther Jazz
(DL) - Drumline
(PO) - Musical Pit Orchestra
(FR) - Fundraiser

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