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Peoria High School Marching Band

Panther Pride & Instrumental Music Department Fall 2014 Schedule

Band Camp Information

Band Camp Schedule

Band Camp 2014

Uniform Fitting
Monday, August 4th, during band rehearsal. - ATTENTION PARENTS, WE COULD USE VOLUNTEERS TO HELP WITH THE UNIFORM FITTING!!!! Come meet other parents and help our kids get dressed right for the marching season. Students: Please make sure you attend this rehearsal because we will be fitting uniforms. Please make sure you are wearing what you plan on wearing under your uniform for the season. Also make sure you bring your marching shoes to help get a more accurate fit. If you haven't already, you should order your marching shoes now!!!

Shoes and Gloves
As part of the Panther Pride Marching Band uniform, Students are required to wear Black MTX Shoes and Black Cotton Marching Band Gloves.  We have found a vendor who provides the required Black MTX Shoes and Black Cotton Marching Band Gloves for purchase at a very reasonable price, www.bandshoppe.com.  Please see ordering instructions (shoe order instructions) and (glove order instructions), which also contain a Customer Service number to order over the telephone if you prefer.

Please note that if you have sizing errors or other issues with your purchase, you will need to contact BandShoppe directly.  The Boosters have no affiliation with BandShoppe and are only making the suggestion that purchases be made thru this company.  The Black Cotton Marching Band Gloves are mandatory.  Concerns about style or brand substitutions should be addressed with the Band Director.

Please keep in mind that our first football game is on August 29th and the required Black MTX Shoes and Black Cotton Marching Band Gloves must be worn at that game and all games and competitions throughout the year.

Welcome Letter from Chris Pierson, Director of Instrumental Music

July 28th thru August 1st - The cost of camp will be $160 per student. This fee includes 5 days and 4 nights in wonderful Prescott, where Students will be provided meals each day, an amazing music education, and memories to talk about for years. The fee will also include the Black Marching Band Shirt. Keep an eye out for the mailing from Mr. Pierson. This mailing will include more information on band camp, payment of the fee, etc.

Band Camp 2014

The full price for Band Camp is $160, if using student account money, please adjust the amount to reach the full amount of $160 and use the button below.

Community Rewards Program - Are you looking for an easy way to support the Panther Pride Bands? Fry's Food Stores can help. If you have a Fry's V.I.P. card and an online account through Fry's website, but have not yet signed up for their Community Rewards Program, click the following link to enroll: Fry's Community Rewards

Search for Panther Band Booster Club when prompted. Click the circle next to the name and click "Enroll."

If you do not have an online account, click the following link and create one:
Then follow the steps above to Enroll.

Help support the Panther Pride
Help raise money for Band Camp.  Go to the following site and donate what you can.  http://www.gofundme.com/PHSPantherPride  Don't forget to tell your friends.

Band Photos
Lowman Photography has confirmed that all photo orders placed on paper order forms have been submitted. If you missed this opportunity, GREAT NEWS, all photos are now online and available for ordering.  Please click this link.

To pay any band related fees (i.e. t-shirts, gloves, shoes, etc...) or to make a donation to the band with your credit card, please click on the secured Donate link below.

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